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Beautifully handmade birdhouses by Tamar Mogendorff. Could these get any cuter?


For the kid in you, turn an ordinary branch into a sabre! From Naama Agassi. Urm…ok.


Mixed Greens & Mixed Berries teaspoons from Leif. Made from acrylic in saturated hues, who knew plastic could look this good? Other products available include tart servers, salad servers and butter and jam spreaders.

The latest in gardening has to be Merry Project‘s innovative yet simple bottle cap gardening.The kit includes a tablet of compressed, dry soil that’s just the right size to fit inside a standard plastic soda bottle cap along with basil seeds for planting. Merry Project is planning to expand the selection of seeds in the future.

The black belt Karate Chopper lettuce knife chops and whips up a fresh salad is seconds! Puts a smile on my face.

If you’re old school and sharpens your pencil using a sharpener or a blade (like me), you will love this Swing Blade Pencil Sharpener by Free Time Industries. The blade moves 10 degrees off parallel to the lead, never breaking the tip; ideal for all pencils, but especially for more delicate softer leads and colour pencils.

Vodka with biblical themes…is this the new trend? Both from TACN Studio.

Last night I was given the rare opportunity to hear the brilliant Shaun Tan (here and here) give a talk as part of the UWA Extension – From Hillarys to Hollywood event, on his journey as an illustrator, author and now filmmaker. I can’t believe how down-to-earth the man was, especially someone who had just recently won an Oscar AND the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. It was nice to be able to catch a glimpse into his world and understand what makes his stories they way they are. He spoke briefly of his humble but very happy childhood and gave useful advice to one and all, to follow our dreams without any hard and fast rules. And the best part of the night? He signed two of my books (Eric & Tales from Outer Suburbia) and even took a picture with me. I’m just so happy that someone I greatly admire and respect has not let fame go to his head. I look forward to his future books with great anticipation.

If you missed the talk, don’t worry. You can still get to know more about him in this very refreshing interview without words with Spiegel Online.

My autographed books

Interesting scissors designs from Ai Iijima, a Japanese blacksmith living in the UK after graduating from the University of Brighton.

Wooden frames carved from sustainable-growth woods like zebrawood, bamboo, bubinga, and Makassar ebony that are not only feather light but are eco-friendly as well. From iWood Eco Design.


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