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I will be taking a mini hiatus from this blog for the next few months as I settle into my biggest project to date – motherhood. It’s been a long time coming for Mr B and I and we can’t wait to meet the lil’ guy (yes, it’s a boy!).

I hope you will bear with me as I make this transition and I promise to return with more things to share on all things design.

I leave you with this gorgeous make-up palette by Christopher Roussel for Mother’s Day. Opening like a pen, the pencil and brush are made entirely out of chocolate, the lipstick is white chocolate, the cream tube is filled with light chocolate soy milk spread and eye shadows are divided into crunchy praline . The box serves as candy slip of delicate sweets chocolates (ganache, fruit or spices, chocolates, milk chocolate or dark). Beats a regular box of chocolates any day.


Mr B & I recently bought one of these Willie’s Cacao mini block, which was quite delicious. Personally I like my chocolate really bitter and high in cacao content and although Willie’s Cacao contains about 72% cacao, it was still pretty good. The new range also includes milk and white chocolates. Good things do come in small packages.

Mr B and I are headed south tomorrow morning to enjoy a little R & R and to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we were neck-deep in planning our wedding…how time flies. With Mr B’s recent new job which takes him away from home for most of the day, we can’t wait to spend time together exploring farmers markets, restaurants and maybe even go on a little hiking trail. I will return with more posts on Tues but in the meantime I’ll leave you a personal current favourite, the summery colour block dress from Ruche, or if your wallet’s feeling a little generous, this similar one from Marc Jacobs. Happy weekend everyone!


Marc Jacobs

It’s been almost 16 months since our beloved cat Chicane passed on. At that point in time, I couldn’t even imagine having another cat, not even one to keep Powder company. He was psychologically stressed out for the longest time due to the loss and only in recent months has he started to put on weight and seem happier. But lately, we had a change of heart – about a month ago Mr B’s dad saved an 8-year old female cat from a neighbour’s dog. She came close to losing her life that very night. After several weeks of recuperating from a broken sternum and ribs, she is now up and running (and jumping too). We felt that she needed a good, loving home and what’s better than joining our little family.

Roxy is the sweetest of cats and always showering us with little kitty rubs but unfortunately, she and Powder are not quite getting along famously (yet). There has been lots of growling and hissing from a distance but fingers crossed, they will be the best of mates in time to come. So if you have any pets (cats, dogs, birds, it doesn’t matter) at home, give them an extra dose of love today. Their unconditional love and company is worth more than anything money could buy.


Last night I was given the rare opportunity to hear the brilliant Shaun Tan (here and here) give a talk as part of the UWA Extension – From Hillarys to Hollywood event, on his journey as an illustrator, author and now filmmaker. I can’t believe how down-to-earth the man was, especially someone who had just recently won an Oscar AND the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. It was nice to be able to catch a glimpse into his world and understand what makes his stories they way they are. He spoke briefly of his humble but very happy childhood and gave useful advice to one and all, to follow our dreams without any hard and fast rules. And the best part of the night? He signed two of my books (Eric & Tales from Outer Suburbia) and even took a picture with me. I’m just so happy that someone I greatly admire and respect has not let fame go to his head. I look forward to his future books with great anticipation.

If you missed the talk, don’t worry. You can still get to know more about him in this very refreshing interview without words with Spiegel Online.

My autographed books

Believe it or not but I’ve started gardening since moving to Australia, something that I didn’t get to do before due to the lack of a garden. Not that I’m any good at it but hopefully through trial and error (fingers crossed), the tiny seedlings we have right now will bloom into vegetables we can put on our dinner table in the near future. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help and support from these garden gadgets?

White Mini Garden

Hydrafarm Germination Station

Aerogarden 7

Keep Calm and Garden on print

I’m back! After a six month hiatus due to our move Down Under, I’m all pumped and ready to jump back into the blogging world. Life has been unpredictable and completely whirlwind but hey, isn’t life always so? Without further ado, let’s get things started.

One of the “activities” I’ve missed since moving here (and I’ve missed plenty) is checking out the latest at the local Kate Spade store. Unfortunately, only her chinaware is available here so for the moment I can only drool at her latest collection here. Enjoy!

From top to bottom: Enchantment under the sea wallet, Straw sunglasses hat, Franca sunglasses & Date night solid ring.

The time has come for me to move Down Under to Mr B’s homeland come mid October. This is something we have talked about for a long time – in fact too long. I look forward to my near future, albeit with a little trepidation for I have been living on this sunny island for the past 2 decades and it is sad to leave memories and friends behind and not knowing what’s ahead. During this major change in my life, I will be taking time off from this blog to soak in a new environment and settle down.

Thank you to my lovely readers for keeping me company for the last 2+ years. How time flies when you’re doing something you enjoy. I don’t know when I’ll be back to continue this blog but I promise this is not goodbye.

Leaving you with this gorgeous lighting by Tim Whiteman, a designer from Western Australia.

On my recent visit to the Farmers’ Market, I bought some of these tea cubes from Tea Drop. Each cube carries a luxury pyramid tea pouch of loose leaves in a variety of tea.

Recently Mr B and I went exploring the shops at the Bukit Timah area and came across these beautifully packaged organic products.

The people behind Somersault Snack Co., believes that playtime and simple delights should be a part of everyday life and they have created these snacks with fun and whimsical illustrations with the same principle.

The cute little ginger guy illustration from The Ginger People really caught my eye. Paying homage to its favourite flavour, they have created a unique range of the most premium ginger products.

I love the simplicity of these illustration spotted on the goodies on Next Organics. Owned by Tropical Valley Foods Inc., and founded in 2001 by Eric Bertheau, what started as a small production unit in Haiti producing only organic dried mango has grown to produce a variety of tropical organic dried fruits.


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