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Think your suitcase is boring and needs some sprucing up? It’s Suitcase Stickers to the rescue! Designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable.

Caution: Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. You have been warned.


Pack of Dogs is a series of wooden pieces based roughly on the shape of a dog in different sizes and positions. They are named after famous Mexican wrestlers (Dos Caras Jr., Aguayo, El Santo, Alushe, and Místico) and work as side tables, stools, benches, bookshelves, magazine racks, newspaper holders or bookends. Very adorable indeed.

I love these beautifully packaged sugar-free candy with interesting flavours like cloudberry and krekling from Arctic Candy.

Andrew Bannecker creates beautiful illustration that captures the imagination and tells a story. His work has been featured at the One Show, New York Festivals, Communication Arts, Print, American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators, Archive 200 top illustrators and exhibitions all over the world. Check out more of his work here.

Wallpaper asked Industrial Facility to rethink the ubiquitous blow-dryer to make it into a beauty product. The result?  The Dryerhair. It incorporates a translucent cavity into which the cable neatly coils when not in use, with the plug doubling as a lid. The switch, meanwhile, is tucked out of sight in the base of the handle. The full story of the Dryerhair will appear in Wallpaper August issue.

For some reason, this little jar of Bacon Marmalade sounds really appetizing. Should we order ourselves a little jar, Mr B?

This Kayari dome-shaped ironware is actually a mosquito incense stand. The cover is designed to prevent flying ash but at the same time, smoke could escape from the holes on the dome.

And then there was light…

Ecco Luce is a personalized light wall by Jonas Samson. When switched off, it’s just a wall. Switched on, patterns of light shine through the wall to project any form of light you desire: static images, dimmable or motion activated. It is a modern way to illuminate an environment, to create a special atmosphere or simply to enrich any room you fancy.

After 2 months of procrastination, I finally bought myself a jar of So! Go Caramel Fudge Sauce. And man, it’s G-O-O-D! Nothing beats the deliciously comforting and decadent flavour of this fudgy delight over pancakes and waffles, banana split, grilled fruit, french toast or even pieces of shortbread (yes, I tried that). I’d even eat it straight out of the jar! For recipes, go here.

Before you go “Oh no, not another Lip Smacker..”, trust me when I say this is every girl’s dream. Ok, maybe just mine. I was hooked on Vitamin Water while in New York a few years ago and I’m going gaa gaa over this new Vitamin Schtick. These hydrating lip balm is available in EIGHT flavours here.


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