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Pantone inspired Christmas ornaments from Selab, is it almost Christmas already?


The ergonomic iSlice, features a ceramic blade that is 10 times sharper than metal blades and is very durable, lasting 20 times longer and never rusts. Patent-pending handle features non-slip, easy-hold finish that protects your hand by wrapping around your fist, while the housing limits the amount of exposed ceramic-blade to further reduce injuries. Designed by Scot Herbst and Alfredo Muccino, winners of the 2011 red dot Design Award.

Zest is an all-natural range of pasta sauces and pestos with nothing to hide. The packaging range features naive 1950’s style illustrations of male and female naturist characters each proclaiming the ‘free from artificial anything’ message, whilst preserving their modesty with a key ingredient. Each product within the range has a unique character holding a ‘Free from artificial anything’ sign with an arrow containing the words ‘See behind for details’ prompting you to refer to the back of the jar. The characters are found again on the back of the jar, this time displaying the complete list of ingredients, proof that that there is nothing to hide.

These appropriately named crockery from foldedpigs featuring a rib cage, a skull, a pelvis and a skeletal hand made me laughed out loud. I want!

New limited edition wingchairs and thrones from here. Each one has only 33 pieces. The thrones use hand made frames that are made to the highest standards using real mahogany wood from sustainable sources and are hand carved and finished in a high quality twin pack white or black gloss lacquer whereas the the frames of the wingchairs are made from kiln dried hardwood birch and beech. My favourite is the Tokidoki chair, what’s yours?

Tokidoki Singapore Wingchair

Kozyndan Tossed Wingchair

Zutto Cherries Wingchair

Dan Baldwin - Slipstream Throne

Caramelaw whimsical world throne

Sylvia Ji Maria throne

Another time killing exercise for all you type lovers out there. This one’s called Kern Type – your mission is to achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Your solution will be compared to typographer’s solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it. Good luck!

This one is for all you tea drinkers out there – The Tèo tea bag spoon by Alessi. In addition to its normal function, Tèo designed by Karin Santorso  makes it possible, once the tea is ready, to remove the bag from the cup and gently squeeze it, pulling it up through the hollow handle.

Amusing illustration from Native Vermont that’s inspired by walks in the forest in Vermont and long days sitting on the dock at the lake.


Inspired by the designers of the 1960s, this lamp aptly named Sixties Lamp created by Maxim Maximov is a simple functional plastic lamp that resembles a pipe or bendy straw. The lamp’s neck bends to numerous angles, making it a great task light.

Don’t be fooled by these delicious-looking jars of….facial scrub from Ayelet Naturals! Designed by Oh Boutique, they’ve re-designed the brand to make it look fresh, natural and beautiful using linear hand-made illustrations showing the main ingredients of each product and little geometric shapes with powerful colours as an accent.


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