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Loving these handmade Ceramic Pig Planters from Fruit Fly Pie.

The Half Pint Garden is a herb growing kit cleverly wrapped in a milk carton-like package. The kit includes a square, white ceramic container, peat pellets and three packs of herb seeds (basil, mint and thyme). Simply remove package, add water to the peat pellets and sow the seeds. Place on a window sill and watch them grow! How very adorable!

I love how Libel Design has brought the outdoors indoors by incorporating plants with cushions! Comes in 3 different collections, they are not only beautiful to look at, but functional as well.

London based designer Samuel Wilkinson has designed a flora terrarium that links to your iPad. Biome is a flora terrarium that’s works a little like a live tamagotchi – with a smartphone or iPad as its key to controlling its climate, water level and nutrients. The idea promotes ‘digital downtime’ by finding an alternative use for smartphones and encouraging their owners to consider a slower life. The control and nurturing of a real mini eco-system takes patience and care, contrasting with the immediacy of messaging or tweeting that is so characteristic of the smartphone generation. This smart garden has low energy lighting that can replicate sunlight and contains sensors that link back to the device when connected. It is designed to incorporate different types of environment – tropical, desert, even herb garden – and can be easily controlled by even the least green-fingered of users.

Screen-Pot by François Clerc for De Castelli is a restyling of the classical flower pot with grates for climbing plants. Thanks to the use of steel and laser cutting, this design has a graphic effect inspired by natural forms. Ideal as a divider, Screen-Pot provides a vegetal and portable shield, giving privacy and protection from the wind.

Ceramic vegetable seed marker…from here. These will not fade from being in the rain.

Simple, functional yet practical plant pods (for succulents) by Domenic Fiorello.

The latest in gardening has to be Merry Project‘s innovative yet simple bottle cap gardening.The kit includes a tablet of compressed, dry soil that’s just the right size to fit inside a standard plastic soda bottle cap along with basil seeds for planting. Merry Project is planning to expand the selection of seeds in the future.

Allotinabox (An allotment that comes in a box, geddit?) is an environmentally friendly packaging complete with seeds, gloves, plant tags, stickers and a Grow Wheel which enables you to sow and harvest your favourite varieties.

Sky Planter is an upside-down planter that encourages abundant greenery at home and at work, without sacrificing floor space. Its unique reservoir feeds water gradually to the plant’s roots and because there is no excess water to drain away, they can be used indoors, without losing water to evaporation. A simple locking disc or ceramic collar fits around the stem of the plant and connects to the planter body with small tabs, much like a tea pot lid to keep the soil from falling out. I’d love to have this in my kitchen.


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