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Spotted these cuties over at Tas-ka.


Play Clay is a kid-safe clay with subtle aromatherapy oils to soothe the mind. Ingredients are basic and natural: they include certified gluten free flour, extra virgin olive oil, vegetable colourants and pure essential oils. This Clay uses the power of aromatherapy to soothe (lavender), uplift (sweet orange), ease the anxious (bergamot), inspire (lemongrass), balance (geranium), refresh (cardamom) and create complete relaxation (chamomile). Voted one of 2009’s Top 10 Eco-Friendly Toys under $30. Available at Mama K.

Play Clay

An ingenious way to bookmark using the technology of 3M Post-its. Available at Yuruliku.

Green Marker

I do love this little toilet paper storage by Salomonsen.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about bowls but this is a good one, I promise. Coconut palm grown throughout the tropics for both culinary and non-culinary uses, virtually every part of coconut palm trees has some application. The coconut shell is what remains after the coconut meat and milk have been harvested. Coconut shells are usually a waste by-product, but have been transformed into a new purpose with these colourful bowls. Each bowl is unique since the shape is determined by the actual coconut. Every bowl is cleaned and polished, then finished with a durable food-safe PU lacquer and accented with a bright colour. Comes in a set of 4 includes in Mango, Cayenne, Spearmint Blue, and Basil Green. Available from re:modern.

As part of Stelton‘s 50th anniversary, British fashion designer Paul Smith has taken a fresh look at the Danish Design icon Cylinda-Line.

Soso is a brand of high-quality salt that comes from a salt mine next to a nature reserve in Santiago de la Ribera, Spain. Using an egg shape as the perfect container for the packaging, Eduardo del Fraile decided that it would be reproduced for the product container and salt cellar. Soso has different types of salt to cook with different flavours; the colour of each egg relates to its flavour. The brand SOSO means “lacking salt or short of salt” in Spanish.


Japan boasts one of their age old traditional crafts, Wappa bending (bentwood) technology to create these gorgeous Alpha cups and saucers. Made of Akita cedar, they are lightweight with each cup weighing in at a mere 30g. By Yukio Hashimoto. Also available in lunch boxes (Pillow).

Alpha cups and saucers

Pillow lunch box

I’m sure it takes someone who truly loves cats to understand their nature enough to design something like this. The Cat Hammock by Koichi Futatsumata of CaseReal is actually a coffee table with a hammock under the glass so your precious feline can hang out with you while you’re watching tv/having a relaxing cuppa. To be released in spring 2010. I can foresee our cats hanging out in one of this. Meow?

Cat Hammock

I know it’s over a month into 2010 but this calendar is too awesome not to post and you can use it year after year. It’s a Key calendar – months and days are indicated by inserting each key and it signifies the feeling of opening a new door everyday. Available from Takumi.

Key calendar


February 2010


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