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What do you get when you combine Karim Rashid and 3M? You get the Pebble Collection that features a Post-it dispenser and Scotch tape dispenser. The pieces are supposed to resemble pebbles and comes in white, black and purple. Both pieces feature non-slip bottoms and are weighted so that they stay in place and can be used with one hand without them moving. The top of the Post-It Dispenser twists off so you can refill it with additional Pop-Up Post-It Notes.

Pleats, tucks, pinches, twirls, ruffles, drapes and ruches makes your everyday basic tees looks oh-so-chic. Get them here.

Mr B and I are headed south tomorrow morning to enjoy a little R & R and to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we were neck-deep in planning our wedding…how time flies. With Mr B’s recent new job which takes him away from home for most of the day, we can’t wait to spend time together exploring farmers markets, restaurants and maybe even go on a little hiking trail. I will return with more posts on Tues but in the meantime I’ll leave you a personal current favourite, the summery colour block dress from Ruche, or if your wallet’s feeling a little generous, this similar one from Marc Jacobs. Happy weekend everyone!


Marc Jacobs

Drinking tap water can be a pain sometimes…and the solution is Sapidus Crazy’O. Developed by Mary White, these substitute for syrup adds a fruity sweet touch to an ordinary drinking glass of water (yoghurt or salad too). Its pocket size means you can take it anywhere with you and 2 squirts is all it takes to take you from bland to tasty water. Crazy’O are 100% natural, sugar free and comes in flavours such as lemon, red fruit, mango, mint, peach and orange.

The Seed Pod is a final university project by Aaron Colfer. The saving of seed has long played an important role in civilisation. In the past, saving seed was a necessary practice that was essential to any family’s survival. In modern times, with food being so readily available, it’s not essential that families grow their own food, as a result, the practice of saving seed has died out.

The seed pod allows anyone to save the seeds from the plants that they grow. In seven simple steps, seeds can be saved and stored in a fridge for years and years. The size of the product allows the user to make better use of the space in their fridge and the product is also stackable for easy storage.

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse made from recycled leather from Diana Eng. Each purse has a unique laser etched ID number and come with a fortune printed on the inside.

If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you might have noticed that Mr B and I have a soft spot for Lego. I’m so amused with their latest release titled Tripod Invader, where an Alien Invader spots a human running for cover while stomping through the city streets. The set includes a business man with briefcase and an Alien Trooper mini figures, an Alien Clinger attaches to human mini figure head and an Alien Invader featuring detachable rotating saucer with detachable prison pod, pose-able legs and moving laser cannon. Oh, Christmas can’t come soon enough!

It’s been almost 16 months since our beloved cat Chicane passed on. At that point in time, I couldn’t even imagine having another cat, not even one to keep Powder company. He was psychologically stressed out for the longest time due to the loss and only in recent months has he started to put on weight and seem happier. But lately, we had a change of heart – about a month ago Mr B’s dad saved an 8-year old female cat from a neighbour’s dog. She came close to losing her life that very night. After several weeks of recuperating from a broken sternum and ribs, she is now up and running (and jumping too). We felt that she needed a good, loving home and what’s better than joining our little family.

Roxy is the sweetest of cats and always showering us with little kitty rubs but unfortunately, she and Powder are not quite getting along famously (yet). There has been lots of growling and hissing from a distance but fingers crossed, they will be the best of mates in time to come. So if you have any pets (cats, dogs, birds, it doesn’t matter) at home, give them an extra dose of love today. Their unconditional love and company is worth more than anything money could buy.


What a simple but brilliant idea! These make me wanna put our cats on a scanner…here kitty kitty kitty kitty….

The Sealant Sauces are one of Natwerk‘s autonomous creations for people who take BBQ’ing seriously. It’s a refreshing and fun change from the ubiquitous squeeze bottle, don’t you think?


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