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The funky rooster will be on a mini hiatus during the holiday period to spend quality time with the family and will be back after the New Year. If you haven’t had your house looking festive yet, this last minute printable Nativity Scene is just the perfect idea.

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012.


A gentle tongue-in-cheek execution that resonated well with mums who are tired of the hassle of warming milk, and a bewildering array of bottle features to choose from. The milk carton packaging is a visual symbolism of fresh milk, and to helped calm any cognitive hesitation to the product regarding the safety of chemical heating elements. Self heating baby bottles designed by Product by Design, UK.

The first collaboration between The Principals and The World’s Best Ever looks to redefine the domino as a unique geometry, crafted from a more substantial material: bronze. Bronze Bones is a full, 28-piece domino set, hand machined from blackened bronze in a limited edition. The set comes in a leather bound hollowed-out book, complete with score pad, pencil and sharpener. The weight, shape and numbering have been refined, resulting in an original design that retains the spirit of the domino while capitalizing on its serial potential as an artistic object.

Adorable mini vases from Anthropologie, perfect for an informal table setting or just to pretty up a bedside table.


With New Year just days away, here’s a fun way to end 2011 and welcome 2012 with open arms, A 2012 Calendar of Silly Holidays from Dirty Bandits. This screen printed calendar will have you finding something wonderfully silly to celebrate every month! For more images, click here.

Foxes motifs are in! And aren’t they just adorable? They have been popping up everywhere recently and I must admit it makes me want to go out and get some foxy stuff for the home.

Click on image to link to stockists.

Fox Plush Pillow from Gingiber on Etsy

Foxy Toy from Bob Boutique

Fox Storage Bin from 3 Sprouts (I want this one!)

Foxes Graphic Knit Blanket from Dwell Studio

Foxtrot Memento Charm from Madewell

Cyril Squirrel Fox from The Future Perfect

Lovely little figurines on swingsets from Yael & Tal’s Snapshot collection. The inspiration for the items was born out of the world of photography. Snapshot means a photograph that is taken in a short moment of opportunity; it freezes the moment which usually refers to daily naive scenes. The jewellery are designed as mini frames which perpetuate a moment, and treasure inside a small magical world and exciting memories.

You could be tucked in the cozy corner of your living room, read your favourite book from childhood and enjoy this relaxing experience by sipping on one of the teas from the whimsical collection of The Lewis Carroll Tea Collection. The gorgeous packaging includes 3 tea leaves bottles, a bar of dark chocolate, reusable eco-friendly tea bags, a tea leaf strainer and a brochure about the collection in relation with Pencils of Promise, a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.

AudioBulb is a wireless music and lighting system that revolutionizes how you play music throughout your home or office. Designed to work with iPods, iPhones, or an auxiliary input source, the patented idea came from the concept to combine something found in virtually every room (a light socket) with something people want in every room (music and light). AudioBulb also functions as a super-efficient LED light bulb – with or without music – that lasts for years with normal use (not like a typical light bulb that burns out quickly).

The water jug from Menu is tall, slim and simple – specifically created for the purpose it was intended. Comes with a mechanism which automatically opens when you pour, ensuring that foreign objects stay out and ice cubes, slices of lemon and mint leaves stay in. Designed by Pil Bredahl, available here.


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