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I’ve been having the strangest dreams involving my recently deceased grandparents. Of course, in my dreams they were not dead. I know, it sounds dark and eerie to be dreaming of the dead but it’s not. Everyone’s happy in mine.

In my last dream, they were moving out of the house my parents are currently staying in (which is weird because the land, the house – it belongs to our family.) We were packing up cutlery after a moving away party. My granny told me to just throw them away because they have enough of what they need. There was also some kind of parade on the road next to our house.

There are probably a million interpretations out there but I’d like to think of it as knowing both of them are happy in their afterworld. They were seldom in my dreams before their passing. I miss them. When they were alive, like every child/grandchild, I thought they would live forever. They were healthy, went everywhere together, ate together, have disagreements all day long but they knew each other so well. It was amusing watching them.

And if I continue to dream of them, I’d be perfectly happy with that.


Finally….some good news. I’ve been accepted for the Sep handcraft fair. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!.

And as soon as I make payment to secure the booth space, I will be over the moon. I can’t wait. I’m feeling all silly inside with excitement….



Laura Ljungkvist – I will add that name to my list of favourite illustrators (and collection?). Her clever use of colours and signature line is simply brilliant. Her third children’s book Follow the Line Around the World has just been released following the success of her first two books, Follow the Line and Follow the Line Around the House.

Follow the Line

Follow the Line

Follow the Line Around the House

Follow the Line Around the House

Follow the Line Around the World

Follow the Line Around the World

Why do other cats get along but not mine? I understand that Chicane is territorial because he was here first, a good 5 years before Powder came along. Out of the blue one day, I showed up with a newbie and he must have felt….urm….dethroned. Now he has to share his mummy.

When Powder first came home, he was kept away from Chicane for over a month. I was afraid Chicane would eat him alive while I was out. You see, Powder was tiny and Chicane was 5kg. Silly me. Turns out, Powder is usually the bully, more than the victim. He’d swipe at Chicane when he walks by, steals his food and basically being a nuisance. Sometimes I have to watch them eat, just to make sure Chicane gets his fair share of the food. Powder is now bulky and heavy, while Chicane still weighs a mere 5kg.

A while ago, I gave them a bowl of dry food each and while Powder turns snobbish at certain brands of cat food, Chicane spent more then 30 mins eating, guarding his food and eating some more. I love my cats dearly even though they don’t get along…. but I secretly wish they do.

A typical day at home

A typical day at home. Chicane (left) and Powder (in box).

Well, technically we do have a kitchen but we don’t have a stove/oven so we can’t do any cooking.

When I have a real kitchen one day, I want to fill it with quirky kitchenware like these Kitschy Kitchen range from

Ice Cream Sets with Spoons, Pooch Pot Holder and Eggcellent Spatula.

Left column from top: Monkey Peeler, Cube Jigger and Punk-U-Pine Scrubber. Right column from top: Ice Cream Sets with Spoons, Pooch Pot Holder and Eggcellent Spatula.

Every girl needs a pretty little top with tiny embroidered naughty words. Check out Nicole Locher’s line. So cheeky, I like.

Will Fuck for Shoes top

Will Fuck for Shoes top

I love watching the food channel but it irks me every time someone pronounce food names (mainly Asian ones) wrongly. For the past week, I’ve probably heard the fruit lychee pronounced as “lee chee” at least 3 times. It makes my blood boil.

Allow me to clarify. Lychee is pronounced the way it is spelt – ly-chee (lie-chi) in various Chinese dialects. However in Mandarin it is li-zhi, which also doesn’t translate to leechee.

The same can be said about Pak Choy. Pak means white in Cantonese and Pak Choy literally translates as White Vegetables. In Mandarin, it is Pai Chai. So how did Bok Choy come about? Again, there is no such word.

It is best to find out the exact pronunciation of another language/dialect before one starts putting one’s foot in one’s mouth. Don’t get me started on Orangutan, Dim Sum, Chow Mien Fried Noodles (what the…), etc.

I must have been living under a rock all these years to not know that Gocco exists. Just when I’m amazed at what it can do, I read that supplies are going to cease/or have ceased in the States. How sad is that?

The only way I know how to silkscreen is by hand. I know….very primitive. In fact, I silkscreened Mr B a custom design t-shirt 2 years ago and that took me hours. I love handmade products – more so now that I’m prepping for Sep.

I want my own Print Gocco before it’s too late.

Print Gocco PG5 from

Print Gocco PG5 from

What is it with microwaveable mugs/pots? I’ve broken so many in my life and none of them involves dropping on the floor. Was pouring hot water into my microwaveable mug yesterday and I heard a “pop”. Next thing I knew water was on the counter and dripping onto the floor.

Years ago, an aunt asked me to heat up her chicken curry in a glass pot (a popular microwaveable brand) and as I stirred the curry, the pot shattered to smithereens. I can still remember how it happened, in slow motion too. One minute I was chatting, next thing I knew, only a blob of curry left on her stove. My hands, feet and face were cut by the glass as I was standing so close by.

Is it just me or microwaveable products should not come in contact with direct high temperature like boiling hot water?

It’s raining outside. It would be nice to have a hot beverage right now.

This reminds me of when I was 10 or 11, my mom would fill my red and black flask with hot chocolate so I’d have something comforting at school. Yum. I was one of the few kids who brought a flask to school – dorky or cool? You decide.

I have my eye on an oriental retro flask for a while now. Hope to get it soon.

Cherry Blossom Retro Style Thermos in Beige from, Daisy Floral Thermos from, Fashionable Thermos from and Country Thermos from

Left column from top: Happy Camper Deer Thermos from, Floral Thermos from, Children's Orchid Thermos from Pylones and Mommy Needs Coffee Thermos from; Right column from top: Cherry Blossom Retro Style Thermos in Beige from, Daisy Floral Thermos from, Fashionable Thermos from and Country Thermos from


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