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To make life less of an obstacle course for the little person in a grown-up world, Teng Chuan Tey and Romualdo Faura Bernabe from Spain have designed a wash basin that not only takes a child’s diminutive stature into account, but it also makes observing basic hygiene less of a chore. Their Mons Lavabo is shaped like a friendly monster that easily accommodates younger children with its sized-down proportions. Made from Duralmond (biodegradable and recyclable crushed almond husks), the enclosed form of Mons Lavabo helps reduce splashes, a motion sensor turns water on and off to prevent waste, and Mons’ sole ‘tooth’ acts as a soap dispenser to remind kids to lather up. In addition, its waterproof quality makes it ideal for humid areas, and it is also fireproof. If only it came in adult version too…

Mons Lavabo


I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this Mr Moustache Pillow on Etsy. It comes with four interchangeable velcro moustaches (Fu Manchu, trucker, gentleman & salt ‘n’ pepper) and a clear plastic storage pocket on the back.

Sally England Design

For more facial hair goodness, you must go to Beard Revue, a web logbook committed to the review, commentary & discussion for the beard enthusiast. It never fails to make me chuckle. Have a good weekend everyone.

A great idea from Korean industrial designer Noh Ji Hun. Feelor, a coloured pencil set to help the visually disabled recognize colours by incorporating a shape of a concrete symbol to a colour i.e. apple is red, chick is yellow, clover is green etc.


This whimsical decanter and cups set is a comical take on the western slang “Sake Bomb”. The inspiration is a juxtaposition of the Fugu (Pufferfish) and a WW II sea mine. It is available in a variety of vivid colors with a sealed matt ceramic finish. To ensure the complexity and geometric nature of the sake bomb remained true, the manufacturing process combines both high-tech modern technologies with traditional handcrafted techniques. Also available in plates and designed by Alexander Purcell founder of APRRO, an interdisciplinary design studio in Los Angeles.

Sake Bomb

This is the new sticker set that replaces the usual alphabets on your keyboard. Each letter in the alphabets on classroom banners are associated with an animal or object and because kids nowadays have become increasingly computer dependent at an early age, Christopher Monro DeLorenzo thought it was time to adapt an old method to a new medium. From cultural icons to greek mythology, this keyboard sticker set is set to please any child or even an adult.

Awesome plates by freelance designer Laurent Meurgey.


Laurent Meurgey

Muji and Lego has taken Lego bricks to a new dimention by teaming up for these paper punch out add ons. Comes in 4 different boxed sets, each set include Lego bricks and some sheets of coloured paper and stencils from Muji. A special hole punch that matches the size of the pins on the Lego bricks is used to create dimensional characters with the paper cutouts. Who would have thought? Only available at Muji stores from Nov 27 in Japan.

A little nugget of knowledge from Learn Something Everyday, a self initiated daily project based in the UK. Enjoy your weekend, folks!

learn something

Learn Something Everyday

I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re thinking of throwing a party, get some of these cuties from Vacu Vin. Vacu Vin Glass Markers attaches to any smooth surface and gives every guest/glass a character. This set titled Christmas crowd comes in 12 unique characters. Also come in Party People and Creepy Creatures.

Vacu Vin

Interesting looking chopping boards with laser-engraved characters such as the diver, the Vespa rider, the skier and the astronaut are placed according to the natural wood grain. Available from Pedlars for £28.50 each.








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