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Don’t you just love these crazy mind bending tricycles from Sergio Garcia?


Tea Matter collection consisting of a birdcage tea strainer and tea caddies by Alan Chan for Alessi’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Available here.

Boxsal is a product of Three Blind Ants, LLC, a team of designers, illustrators, and creatives who care about design and the environment. The Boxsal picnic box is a great form of entertainment that centers around togetherness, conversation, friends, lovers, family for building relationships, killing some time, making memories and cooking up tasty treats in the process. It can be accessorized with eco-friendly utensils, trays, cups and trash bags and comes in 3 designs – Today’s Date, Urban Picnic and Office Escape.

Mr B & I are off to have a picnic of our own. Fingers crossed for good weather! Have a great weekend, everyone.


Ribbonesia is the art project of artist and illustrator Baku Maeda for the last 2 years using ribbon and other fabric materials to create sculptural animal objects. I wish I have one of these today…

Crocodile and Sharky clothes pegs from Noodle-Labs. I likey!

The Snow Peak Hozuki LED lantern features an innovative candle mode that allows the LED to respond to sound or wind with flickering light. Great for camping as the integrated hook can be used to hang the lantern from a loop inside your tent or flip it upside down and set it on top of the hook for use as a tabletop light.

The Yearning for Learning plate set has a barnyard of cheery animals to teach your little one his/her ABCs and 123s during meal times. However, it is made from bone china….

The FYRKAT Picnic charcoal grill is a perfect fit for terraces, porches and even the back of your car so you can take your BBQ wherever the mood strikes you. Its body is made from enamel coated steel and its legs from chrome plated steel. Available in 6 colours here.

Make bath time clean-up, fun with the OXO Tot Whale Pail. The Whale’s wide mouth can be used to fetch toys out of the bathtub and the Pail can be stored on its holder which suctions to the wall. Holes along the side of the Pail help increase ventilation and dry the toys. How adorable!

A unique design object that is both practical and aesthetic with a broom and dustpan in one. Use the broom to easily and efficiently sweep the floors and corners in your home, and then slide it down over the dustpan handle so that SweepUp is always ready to hand. In addition to its solid exterior, Eva Solo SweepUp elegantly combines shape, function and user-friendliness.

The broom is designed with a rounded head with no sharp edges, and the long, strong plastic bristles effectively sweep everything off the floor without scratching skirting boards or floors. The handle of the brush is hollow, so after use it slides down over the dustpan handle.


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