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Sculptural vessels in ceramics by Maria Wojdat. Her work makes references to the bowl, investigating its use, symbolism and the nature of its containment. The pieces are often placed in pairs or groups exploring the relationships between line, form and colour. The groupings emphasise notions of coming together or moving apart, supporting or standing alone.

Maria Wojdat

I have one of those lip balm in a delicious looking tart casing but this NYX Fruit Basket lipgloss (in Apple, Orange, Peach and Pear) looks good enough to sink your teeth into. Get them here!

These pewter Wonderland cutleries from Tina Tsang each has a magnifying glass inserted into the head of the character to allow you to see your food more carefully or read a menu or any fine print. Available at Hidden Artshop.

Break out the champagne, we are turning TWO! What better way to celebrate the occasion than to have a visual feast of all things gooey and sweet. Recipes available here and here. Happy weekend everyone!

These A-Z stools from Artcanbreakyourheart would look lovely in any kid’s (or even adults) room. They can be used as stools, bookshelves or even side tables. Available in 147 (gasp!) different colours.

Docomo, Japan’s premier provider of leading-edge mobile voice, data and multimedia services and one of the world’s largest mobile communications operators has collaborated with 6 designers including the likes of Kate Spade, Marimekko, Studio Conran, Amadana, Francfranc and Emilio Pucci for their latest STYLE and SMART series that will be making its debut from this month onward. Only available in Japan.

I want to get my hands on one of these Bowwow ballet flats, a collaboration between Moschino and Kartell which was recently revealed at Pitti W for SS2011. The colourful, lightweight BowWow ballet flat shoes are entirely made from interwoven plastic with the addition of the iconic Moschino bow. The shoes are available in red, white and black, plus a wide range of summer colours – peach, geranium, yellow, forest green and periwinkle blue – and a two-tone version with black uppers and white bows. The “BowWow” shoes are the fruit of Kartell’s progress in the design of surfaces and textures, and are manufactured with an Italian industrial moulding process using a top-quality, non-toxic thermoplastic technopolymer that is 100% recyclable. The col­lec­tion will be on sale from Jan­u­ary 2011 in lead­ing multi­brand bou­tiques, single-brand Moschino stores and Kartell stores through­out the world for about 85 euros.

We often have our laundry basket hidden away but with Polyp, it can also be an ornament on the wall. Just put the laundry through the hole in front of the basket until it’s full – the quantity will fit the load of the washing machine. The hole of the laundry basket is concave, so nothing can fall out when the basket is put off the wall. The basket can be carried easily, due to its form and your laundry can also be sorted into a few baskets. An awesome idea by Helene Steiner.

Helene Steiner

How would you know if the meat you bought from the supermarket is fresh? To-Genkyo has the answer using an hour-glass sticker to detect the freshness of the produce. The food label changes its colour by reacting to ammonia given off by food when it is less fresh. When the food is no longer edible, the food label makes the bar code non-scannable and non-purchasable.

I wouldn’t mind having this bag when I go grocery shopping next time. Shopping List is an environmentally friendly bag which comes with a detachable magnetic shopping list, that you could also stick on the fridge.


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