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Ever since Mr B and I broke a couple of our plates at home (butter fingers!), we have been on the lookout for new ones. I’m quite specific about what I like but I think these from West Elm will do nicely. They are pretty, not too big and are porcelain.



Loving these new season totes from Anthropologie. Swoon!


The Mark Brothers are the perfect cable management solution for your home office, TV or music system. Looking like circus acrobats, these cable labels will make sure that you never unplug the wrong lead again. Simply mark each brother, writing down which electronic device he belongs to and then hang him on the appropriate cable. I love fun and functional products! Available in a set of 5 brothers, here.


The classic interoffice envelope inspired the look and function of the Envelope Chest. Perfect for storing your most important things, the sleek chest fastens securely with custom leather rounds and cord. Available from Field Day. Love!


I can never get past the beautiful bedding from Anthropologie, even more so these days that I’m so sleep deprived. Check out their latest offering here.

Moon Glass from Korean based design stdio Tale Co., Ltd makes these ceramic cups that shows a full moon when it’s full and slowly unveils a half moon and a crescent-shaped moon as you sip your drink. The black one is suitable for turbid rice wine and sake while the white one is for coloured alcohol and tea.


Lovely tea packaging aptly named T from project student Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle that is extremely simple at the base, where it opens with an explosion of colour and each little teabag is a work of art and folding.

These looks totally unreal and very 2D but aren’t they just adorable? A collection by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi Orientales using his whimsical style and penchant for vibrant colours. Many of the pieces from the Orientales series are very reminiscent of pieces in the “Chin Family”. Characters of flowers and fruits, each performing the roles of domestic household objects, are made partly in hand-decorated plastic and fine bone china. The magic of Giovannoni’s design lies in the fact that these objects recall the grace of 18th century ceramic trinkets, while at the same time being utterly contemporary.

Banana Milk Bowl Milk Jug

Fruit Sugar Bowl

Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container

Paradise Bird Milk Jug

Paradise Birds Salt & Pepper Set

Loving these handmade Ceramic Pig Planters from Fruit Fly Pie.

The “Re-turned” concepts by Lars Beller Fjetland elevates leftover wood from being merely an ignored piece of trash to becoming a desired piece of feel-good woodcraft. Perhaps they were once the part of a loving household as a supportive table-leg or an armrest. Perhaps they never made it from their roots in the woods and into a finished piece of furniture, but got cut off somewhere along the way. Either way, they’re given a new shot at life as a perfect starting point for a “Re-turned”-bird. A 100% recycled item, perfect as a housewarming-gift to someone with a big heart for Mother Nature.


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