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“Tea packaging collaboration between Envelope LLC and Mayuko Hari.

Natsume is top quality Japanese Matcha. Matcha is a finely powdered Japanese green tea often used in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is from the finest leaves, shade grown and highly potent. The preparation of matcha starts even before harvest. The leaves are shaded to prevent direct sunlight which slows down growth and brings the leaves to a deep green that is shown due to the increased levels of chlorophyl. After the leaves are picked, they are dried and stone ground to the fine powder that is matcha. The name “Natsume” is derived from a traditional style of Japanese container. ”


This Monacca bag is ideal for laptops and because it is made from natural cedar wood, each bag is one of a kind. Designed by Takumi Shimamura and available in 3 different shades at Arenot.

What’s bright, colourful, cute and functional? Headphones from Kotori, of course. Using unique acoustic technology gained over 60 years, the modular structure of the unit sound speaker circuit can achieve dynamic and balanced sound from low to high frequencies. If you don’t like any of the headphones on their site, you could try your hands at designing your very own. Here’s another good reason to get them, these little babies are made by Fostex, the world leader in the manufacture of pro audio and recording equeipment for studios and musicians.

Mr B and I are off to Japan! In the spirit of all things Japanese, I leave you with this collaboration between Puma Japan and Magewappa artisan Yoshinobu Shibata for this cedar/wild cherrywood lunch boxes. Also look out for random posts throughout my absence on Japanese designs. Be back in April. Sayonara!

First comes soap, then comes origami? Campagnie de Provence with the help of Studio Plastac‘s soap packaging comes with 8 origami instructions on the theme of the sea so you can have fun folding a whale, a turtle, a swan, a sea lion, a sailboat, a goldfish, a frog or a boat in the bathroom.

I don’t think you could call these luggage; they are more like a works of art. All bespoke or limited edition and stitched by hand from Williams British Handmade.

Lovely piggy bank for coins shaped in the silhouette of the famous Matryoshka doll from Ooga Zone.

Esther Aarts is an illustrator, designer and typographer based in the Netherlands who has done commissioned work for the likes of BNN, Threadless, Woot!, Malmberg, Schmeitz+ freitag, BBC UK and more.

Esther Aarts

Hats off (pun intended) to Hat- trick Design for this awesome deck of typographic playing cards (52 cards, jokers and a cover) using no repeated or alteration of typefaces.

Hat trick design


I love these animal-inspired kitchen whisks. Comes in the figure of a bird, rabbit or a squirrel. From Kikkerland.


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