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Can someone tell me why..

1. People who give their kids/themselves strange names. How many variations are there for the name Aloysius? This reminds me of a conversation with a good friend. She once knew someone named Tampax and Spoon. It made me laugh till I cried…. Have we run out of ideas that we are naming our kid/ourselves after utensils now??

2. The clowns are in town! People who do not know how ridiculous they look with the wrong hair colouring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for hair colour/highlights that suits your skin tone but when someone in their 60’s walks around with orange hair because they think it makes them look younger/better, I think it’s just laughable.

3. Parents who let their kids wear squeaky shoes. Why? Why? Why? Have they not heard of sound pollution?

4. Men who carry women’s handbags (and you know who you are) Tsk tsk tsk. Shame on you. While you are at it, why not put on some of her lip gloss? Maybe even her heels and that new dress she just bought.

5. People who have no courtesy/manners/social graces.


Happy Sunday. Mr B is at work, the cats are sleeping quietly by my side and I’m thinking about all the things I love –

1. The 80’s…… songs that is. Without which I can’t function properly. Sure I grew up wearing tacky clothes and have the weirdest hairdos ever, but the songs back then had character.

2. Old movies, especially Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense thrillers. I can watch them over and over again and get excited every time.

3. Chilli – hot, spicy and damn satisfying. My stomach suffers afterwards but who is keeping count?

4. Chicane and Powder, our funny and loving cats. Together they fight over food (and our attention) and they sleep funny but we love them to bits.

5. Bags, accessories, bags, sweet and yummy desserts, bags, shoes, dresses, handmade crafts, bags, whimsical illustrations…..and more bags. Did I mention I love bags?

6. I love clouds in the sky. In my old apartment, I could watch them from the yard. Now I just watch them when I’m on the bus…sigh.

7. I love the smell of grass – especially when they are freshly mown. Reminds me of staying indoors on a rainy day when I was a child.

8. I love soup and vegetables, even on a full stomach.

9. I’m a sucker for sweet desserts.

Reason Mr B is not on the list – he’s not a thing. Otherwise he’d be no. 1.

Chicane and Powder

Chicane and Powder

It all started with one bear…and ended with half a dozen needle felted critters in their mini world. Here’s one I named “Desperate Housewife”. Enjoy.

Taking a break

The Real Desperate Housewife

I’ve never been one to jump on the bandwagon when something new comes along. So when the whole world was blogging away, I was happily doing my own thing. The time has come. Yes, it’s a couple of years late but my memory is not as good as it was 5 years ago and I thought this would be the perfect time to gather my thoughts and compile my passion (which changes ever so often) into this little journal.

When I hit a stumbling block in my career half a year ago, I thought I had hit rock bottom. My interest in design seemed to have waned. However, a month ago while watching Martha Stewart, I came upon the art of needle felting. Since then, I’ve bought more materials than I need and it is soooo therapeutic poking away the stress of everyday life. I’ve made a bear (for my better half, Mr B), two cats, a couple of bunnies, birds and of course, the source of inspiration for the title of this blog, Higgins. Shh…don’t tell Mr B. I’ve a soft spot for the name – just ask my bolster (aka Higgins), which Mr Black has tucked away on his side of the bed.

And yes, as much as I hate to say it, Martha Stewart has reignited my love for design/crafts.


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