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Instead of numbers and letters like a regular stamp, the Kaoiro (meaning “facial expression”) stamp has emoticons… and over 2000 of them on one stamp. Handmade and available at Japan Trend Shop. :0

This is undoubtedly one of the best pairing ever. Lip protection + your favourite soda = Lip Smackers offering of thirst quenching, soda pop flavoured collection of lip balm, liquid and gloss. Gimme gimme gimme!

The Leaf tie is a cable-tie that looks like wrapped twigs. Tie it anywhere and everywhere…it just looks so pretty. From Lufdesign.

Alphabet chairs by Rotterdam designer Roeland Otten. Called ABChairs, the seats can be arranged to form words. The 26 prototypes of the chairs are made of lacquered MDF, however the designer intends to reproduce them using rotational moulding of LDPE plastic. There are even plans to make kids’ version for libraries and schools. What’s not to like?

The Pantone HotelTM in Brussels is part of the new Pantone Universe, an expanding line of colourful, design-driven products to touch and tempt consumers. The guest rooms are works of art – white walls and bedding provide a clean, crisp canvas for saturated pops of vibrant colour. Adding to the artistry, rooms feature photographic installations created by renowned Belgian photographer Victor Levy that include a spectrum of vibrant Pantone Colours to create a unique ambiance in each room. The 59 affordably priced rooms and suites empower guests to transform their travels by selecting a room that complements their mood through colour. The rooms and suites are patterned after one of seven distinct Pantone Colour palettes and include inviting bedding, LCD TVs and central air conditioning as well as unparalleled views of Brussels.

The Pantone Hotel

Bugplug from Ah & Oh Studio is a little device that helps kids to conserve electricity. Simply attach it to a power strip of appliances and an infrared sensor will monitor the room to determine if anyone is around. If you’re in, Bugplug keeps all devices on. If you’re out, individually programmed timer cuts off all electrical appliances.

Your Pebbles by Korean company DesignMaxx are mobile phone cradle that also double up as props for laptops. Made from silicon material, they are non-slip and hollow on one side – great for storing small items such as paper clips, keys etc. The only downside, it’s only available in Korea at the moment.

Today’s macrame products is not limited to just hanging pots anymore. Case in point – Australian company, Smalltown where everything is carefully knotted and finished by hand to create timeless, individual pieces. They make hanging system of macrame chains and nooses, jewellery, window display, lampshades, etc. Gorgeous!

If you like leaving your dirty laundry on your bed, this is perfect for you. The white 100% cotton duvet cover from Snurk’s White Laundry series features a white shirt, white bra, white socks or white thong, each piece freshly washed and thrown on the bed with care.

Paramodel is an artist unit formed in 2001 by Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano. Their title is essentially a manifesto in sum – fusing the words “Paradise”, “Paradox”, and “Model”, the portmanteau also plays upon the Japanese word “puramodel” (toy plastic dioramas).

This series of sculptures show the perfect merger discovered between TOMY toy cars, plastic food models used by restaurants, and the dishes accompanying those cuisines. Four carry enticing plastic sushi models, while another four carry Chinese food models. Strapped down to the toy cars, the plastic foods are readily docked onto the very dishes which would be used in their consumption. Yet, the cars cannot budge from the perimeter of the dish; the food cannot be consumed; and the viewer recognizes the paradox in having the exact collection of items needed for transporting food onto the table and into our mouths – and yet, not being able to perform either function. Costs US$270 a pop at Azito.


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