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Tea bags filled with a blend of herbals teas and blossoms for your bath, feet and eyes. Doesn’t hurt that the packaging is beautifully illustrated as well. Available here.

Jim Wehtje specializes in small-object transmissive x-ray photography. He has worked with a wide variety of subjects from seashells to electronics to roadkill. Flowers and shells are classic subjects that are most used for his x-ray art prints. I just love how he used shells to make these collection.

I know it’s only September but before you know it, 2011 will be upon us. Gear up for next year with this Calendar Scarf. The stitches unravel as the days passed just as we can’t turn back time. What a superb idea!

A pop of colour to brighten up this slow Monday. These silicon watches by O’Clock are produced in Italy and are water resistant. Comes in 3 sizes in 15 different colours.

The Leaf lamp, a collaboration betwen Herman Miller and fuseproject is an advanced LED task light that brings a new experience of light: it is the first lighting product that offers users the choice of warm mood light and cool work light. It is remarkably energy efficient, using 40% less energy than an equivalent compact fluorescent for the same light output.

I love these hauntingly beautiful illustrations by Mab Graves. Read this interesting interview she had with Wicked Halo here.

This year, Evian® and MIYAKE DESIGN STUDIO signed on to collaborate on designing a pure bottle, glowing with both optimism and freshness. Taking inspiration from his Pleats Please collection, Issey Miyake created a new bottle design which is decorated with an imaginary, shimmering flower; a symbol of youth and the evian signature message, “Live young”. The bottle is now available for pre-sale and will be available in major cities by year end.

I think Mr B needs this – The Workday Recovery Kit that contains a remedy booklet, silicone bracelet, 5 affirmation cards, 5 healing bandages, recovery certificate, and metal charm to “soothe malaise and restores purpose”.

What is super quirky, floats in the pot and rings when it’s hot? Always know when your water has come to a boil with Boil Buoy! Just place it in your pot of water, turn up the heat, and wait for the ringing chime to let you know your water’s ready to go. And why would we need something like this, you ask? Because as the idiom goes, a watched pot never boils.

Compact and mobile soap tablets, handy when you’re on short trips/picnic. Just don’t mistake them for candy. Available in 3 fragrances from here.


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