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Toys for children, made out of leather. How cool are these two doggies?


The Spherovelo is a revolutionary new bike aimed at children from around a year old up to 2 and a half. The stabilizing balls keep it steady for first learners, it’s fun and maneuverable and will turn in any direction. The clever thing happens though when you remove the little stabilizers – it becomes unstable and the child then utilises their developing motor skills to balance themselves and keep it upright.

Remember my post on Puxxle a few months ago? Well, good news everyone – they have added a few more vinyl adhesives to their collection. Check them out here.

“As we trend toward more and more use of cheap plastics and electronics in kids’ product, landfills are being flooded by synthetic and toxic materials. For example according to the EPA, over 179,000 tons of batteries end up in the landfills every year.

That’s where Imajen Exploration Tools come in, incorporating several sustainability strategies, including making a one material product, using renewable resources, and promoting extended life usage. Unlike most toys which are made to be disposable and thrown away, Imajen tools grow with the child remaining as beautiful artifacts that are displayed or handed down to the next generation of explorers. These tools help facilitate the child’s innate creativity while connecting them to the wonders of nature.”

These plates are perfect if you have a fussy eater at home. Designed by Boguslaw Sliwiński who certainly knows the way to a child’s heart when it comes to eating greens.

Needle felted rabbits from feltjar over at Etsy. Happy Easter everyone and have a great weekend!


Don’t you love furniture that’s both functional and beautiful to look at? These ones from Weamo are for kids’ room and comes in a variety of colours with equally gorgeous names to boot like Strawberry Sundae, Sunflower, Peapod, Clotted Cream, Ginger Snap and Chocolate Brownie. The use of natural wood which are hand finished with Hardwax Oil allows the wood to breathe but is resistance to stains from wine, cola, coffee, tea and fruit juice. Too bad they are not available in Australia yet…

Outsiders are secondhand stuffed animals that are turned inside out by hand and sewn up again, and so get a second life. Despite its strange appearance, they are friendly and lovable. Love the idea!

Light and music boxes from Hartendief that’s perfect for your kids’ room.

Clump-o-Lump is a range of stuffed animals with zippers that zip apart into three whimsical pieces—head, torso, and rump—so they can be mixed, matched, and multiplied. Sounds like hours of fun to me!


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