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A little time killing game from to the point.


I like this book – it’s full of nothing but blah blah blahs. Happy weekend everyone!

A design collaboration between Oded Friedland and Reddish Studio has resulted in these mini collectable animal parts you could make with the wine bottle cork you bring to dinner. Each pack includes the body parts required for one Corker‭ and is available in 6‭ ‬designs‭: ‬Monkey‭, ‬Deer‭, ‬Buffalo‭, ‬Bear‭, ‬Bunny‭ ‬&‭ ‬Crow. Cork not included, of course…

Clump-o-Lump is a range of stuffed animals with zippers that zip apart into three whimsical pieces—head, torso, and rump—so they can be mixed, matched, and multiplied. Sounds like hours of fun to me!

Wouldn’t it be fun to be your own meteorologist? Now you can with the 4M Green Science Weather Station. It allows you to observe and record your very own multi-functional weather station. You can keep track of weather changes, learn facts about the weather, do experiments on the green house or build a terrarium. The kit features a wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer, and a rain gauge.

If weather is not your thing, there are other cool stuff here that might interest you.

I’m not even going to write anything here other than where to get these hilarious hairy underwear. Here!

These works exactly like a whiteboard would except these are not your everyday whiteboards.

Post My Pillow is an actual pillow (with marker) that you could write messages on. Available here.

Post My Pillow

Zero Waste is a city bag made from a single sheet of #2 plastic. Its pattern allows for zero cutting waste in manufacturing. Zero Waste can be used as a travel log, allowing you to record thoughts, inspirations and messages directly on the bag. Light weight, durable and machine washable, it includes a non-toxic marker that can be used to personalize Zero Waste with doodles, sketches and notes. Available here.

Zero Waste

Hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village, Toys for the Soul follow the best sustainable practices in terms of materials and production. The set consists of a yoyo, spinner, and hole-stick-toys from Singgih Kartono‘s childhood which he has redesigned by simplifying their form and enhancing them with the use of fine wood. Made from mahogany and rosewood, it’s available here.

Care for a little trash bag designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton? It’s US$1,960 a pop for these waterproof Raindrop Besace purses. Comes with a removable leather shoulder strap but seriously…..

Shoes of Prey is an Australian online shop that lets you design your very own bespoke shoes. You  can choose the heel, toe, fabric, colour and embellishments and their craftsmen will make your shoes to measure, swaddle them in a soft dust bag and crisp new box, and ship them straight to your waiting feet. The shoes cost from US$180 for ballet flats to US$280 for 4 to 4½ inch heels.

Shoes of Prey



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