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Heart Part is a biodegradable utensil that is part knife, part scoop and part fork that’s compact and comes in 5 different colours. Watch the video here.


A design collaboration between Oded Friedland and Reddish Studio has resulted in these mini collectable animal parts you could make with the wine bottle cork you bring to dinner. Each pack includes the body parts required for one Corker‭ and is available in 6‭ ‬designs‭: ‬Monkey‭, ‬Deer‭, ‬Buffalo‭, ‬Bear‭, ‬Bunny‭ ‬&‭ ‬Crow. Cork not included, of course…

They look a bit out of shape, a bit wrong, just like the world around you when you get tipsy! These glasses from Lori & Livia are reminders of the merry atmosphere in over-crowded bars, standing like happy cocktail lovers defying the laws of gravity. The glasses were put in a kiln at a very high temperature until reaching their melting point resulting in a slow deformation of the pieces while preserving their original identity.

Havaianas the makers of summer flip flops has gone winter with customizable rain boots! How cool is that?


Clump-o-Lump is a range of stuffed animals with zippers that zip apart into three whimsical pieces—head, torso, and rump—so they can be mixed, matched, and multiplied. Sounds like hours of fun to me!

Knitting sure has come a long way – these knitted stools from Claire-Anne O-Brien was made using actual knitting stitches but on a larger scale. Aren’t they just beautiful?

HitRECord’s collaborative coalition of artists and writers are making history with The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 1, a collection of innovative crowd-sourced creative projects that pushes the limits of originality, cooperation, imagination, and inspiration. HitRECord, a grassroots creative collective founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known worldwide for his performances in (500) Days of Summer and Inception, is a forum where thousands of artists worldwide share work and contribute to their peers’ projects in writing, music, videos, illustration, and beyond. Now, the collective has edited together its most promising stories and illustrations to serve as its face in introducing the world to a new generation of talent, in The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.

Six of Roald Dahl‘s most popular tales are being celebrated by the Royal Mail with a special set of stamps and feature drawings by illustrator Quentin Blake who collaborated with Dahl on much of his work. The 30th anniversary of The BFG, or Big Friendly Giant, one of Roald Dahl’s hugely popular characters, is marked by a special sheet of four stamps all of which feature scenes from this legendary tale.

As much as this makes me cringe (I hate ants!), it’s also an interesting design to help kids explore and form never-ending patterns that connects all six sides of these 16 blocks which contains images of ant hills, a queen with her eggs, and a spider, the ant’s nemesis.

Something for the man in your life – custom safety pin/bottle opener/keychain. Available at Nixon.



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