It’s been almost 16 months since our beloved cat Chicane passed on. At that point in time, I couldn’t even imagine having another cat, not even one to keep Powder company. He was psychologically stressed out for the longest time due to the loss and only in recent months has he started to put on weight and seem happier. But lately, we had a change of heart – about a month ago Mr B’s dad saved an 8-year old female cat from a neighbour’s dog. She came close to losing her life that very night. After several weeks of recuperating from a broken sternum and ribs, she is now up and running (and jumping too). We felt that she needed a good, loving home and what’s better than joining our little family.

Roxy is the sweetest of cats and always showering us with little kitty rubs but unfortunately, she and Powder are not quite getting along famously (yet). There has been lots of growling and hissing from a distance but fingers crossed, they will be the best of mates in time to come. So if you have any pets (cats, dogs, birds, it doesn’t matter) at home, give them an extra dose of love today. Their unconditional love and company is worth more than anything money could buy.