Organic Factory by Gilles Belley won the ‘Bourse Agora’ (Agora Design Grant) for this project with the purpose of encouraging people to consume less.

Inflorescence – Bath aroma that combines muscari flowers and the flowerbuds of clove for antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic purposes. The buttons dissolved upon immersion in bath water and releases perfumed oils with aromatherapy properties.

Rameau – a fragrant diffuser from the aromatic plant stems. It is whipped in water and when heated, water evaporates thus releasing the aroma.

Brindille – a small branch that releases aromatic molecules upon contact with water.

Plaine – an organic fertilizer after the process of soil erosion.

Colline – an organic fertilizer that delivers nutrients to the plant throughout its growth.

Fruit – an odour destroyer from the fruit of the conifers. Once wet, it emits aromatic molecules that neutralize unpleasant odour.