Right behind the heels of Absolut New Orleans (mango with black pepper), Los Angeles (blueberry, acai berry, acerola cherry and pomegranate) and Boston (black tea and elderflower) comes the limited edition Absolut Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the 4th city to be honoured with Absolut‘s range of iconic vodka drink. Featuring a blend of red apple and ginger, its specially designed bottle is a collaboration with famed film-maker Spike Lee. The bottle features a depiction of a brownstone with the number 165 from Lee’s childhood home in Cobble Hill and bears his name on the bottle. The iconic Lars Olsson Smith medallion has also been altered to look like Lee with glasses and a baseball cap. Absolut has promised to donate $50,000 from the proceeds of the limited-edition bottling to Habitat for Humanity’s efforts to build affordable, green homes in Bed-Stuy.