This is by far one of the coolest name for a website I’ve come across and their designs aren’t shabby either. The Office for Lost Objects is a new contemporary furniture design studio based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Lighting Appliance No. 9

Lighting Appliance No. 9 is constructed from a combination of thin, high-grade birch plywood and heat-shrink polyester fabric. Multiple layers allow for a surprise of unexpected colour when the lamp is turned on.

45º chair

The 45º chair is solid quartersawn white oak.

10cm table

A full size table, yet only 10cm wide. Inspired by an exploration into the archetype of the table, the 10cm table defies expectations with its easy ability to stand upright. Perfect for small, cramped or narrow spaces where we still want the warmth and atmosphere of a quality piece of furniture and what it offers. In solid walnut.