After 2 full days at Maad, I’m all tired out. Being a first time seller, I must say this has been an eye opener. The experience of it all (both good and bad) has left me wondering if Singapore is truly ready for handmade crafts.

I was somewhat disappointed at the overall turnout at the market as I feel there was lack of exposure/awareness to bring in the specific niche crowd. It appeared that most people came to browse or to look for a bargain forgetting that this is not a secondhand flea market. The booths selling bags and jewellery (at least half a dozen of them) had the most “browsers” but even then, they didn’t make much sales. Sigh.

I sold some of my products on both days but I made barely enough to cover my rent. There were a few other booths like mine which I was more than happy to see because we were different from the mass. I had plenty of browsers who oohed and aahed at my products but left after hearing how much they cost. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have sky high prices. After deducting cost of supplies, I am barely making profit. Like I said before, they were probably there hoping to get a bargain.

On the bright side, I made new friends and toward the end of the last day, had 2 suppliers who were interested in marketing my products. That was definitely a great end to the long weekend. I am considering taking up their offers on top of maybe, starting an online shop over at Etsy. Will I continue selling my products at markets like Maad? Of course. I still have a lot to offer and hopefully, one day find the right customers for my products. It’s an ongoing battle but I will get there eventually.