I remember when Mr B and I first started going out a few years ago, spending Sundays together were important to me (He has been working Sundays almost his entire working life so he doesn’t know Sunday from Thursday). Anyway that was the one day we both weren’t working and get to spend time together. Since then, he has changed his jobs twice and his hours (and days) are irregular, most of the time anyway. I’ve come to accept the fact that public holidays and weekends are no more sacred days I look forward to. In fact, I’ve lost track of public holidays for the past year or so until someone else reminded me.

Now, I’m glad I work from home and my flexible hours allows me to spend our off days together. It’s his only day off in a week and I know he wants to sleep in and do nothing else. I try to be understanding and accommodating. However, I do go all crazy on him once in a while. It’s only human nature, I suppose.

This is his third working Sunday in a row. Somehow living together makes me feel like I see him less than when we lived apart. I look forward to our Nov trip so we could spend time together without worrying about work commitments. 77 more days to go…. I can’t wait.