I’ve been having the strangest dreams involving my recently deceased grandparents. Of course, in my dreams they were not dead. I know, it sounds dark and eerie to be dreaming of the dead but it’s not. Everyone’s happy in mine.

In my last dream, they were moving out of the house my parents are currently staying in (which is weird because the land, the house – it belongs to our family.) We were packing up cutlery after a moving away party. My granny told me to just throw them away because they have enough of what they need. There was also some kind of parade on the road next to our house.

There are probably a million interpretations out there but I’d like to think of it as knowing both of them are happy in their afterworld. They were seldom in my dreams before their passing. I miss them. When they were alive, like every child/grandchild, I thought they would live forever. They were healthy, went everywhere together, ate together, have disagreements all day long but they knew each other so well. It was amusing watching them.

And if I continue to dream of them, I’d be perfectly happy with that.