Why do other cats get along but not mine? I understand that Chicane is territorial because he was here first, a good 5 years before Powder came along. Out of the blue one day, I showed up with a newbie and he must have felt….urm….dethroned. Now he has to share his mummy.

When Powder first came home, he was kept away from Chicane for over a month. I was afraid Chicane would eat him alive while I was out. You see, Powder was tiny and Chicane was 5kg. Silly me. Turns out, Powder is usually the bully, more than the victim. He’d swipe at Chicane when he walks by, steals his food and basically being a nuisance. Sometimes I have to watch them eat, just to make sure Chicane gets his fair share of the food. Powder is now bulky and heavy, while Chicane still weighs a mere 5kg.

A while ago, I gave them a bowl of dry food each and while Powder turns snobbish at certain brands of cat food, Chicane spent more then 30 mins eating, guarding his food and eating some more. I love my cats dearly even though they don’t get along…. but I secretly wish they do.

A typical day at home

A typical day at home. Chicane (left) and Powder (in box).