Illustrating, especially for children’s books is not a lucrative industry here. That is why I am first and foremost a graphic designer but secretly wishing I could illustrate for a living.

I’ve admired illustrators of different genres over the years but Linda Bronson has remained my favourite for the last decade. I love her illustrations which has a certain whimsical and childlike quality to them. I also love the works of Shaun Tan, TS Spookytooth, Paula Metcalf, Steven Pattison, Vincent Vigla, Oliver Jeffers…oh I could go on and on.

My children’s books collection is growing, slowly but surely. Unfortunately most of them have been in the store room since I moved because my bookshelves ran out of space.

This is one I did a few years ago which was shortlisted for a children’s charity last year.

Off to the shops (Image property of The Funky Rooster)